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The Company commits to protect the environment by conducting operations in an environmentally safe manner. In our endeavor to protect the operations environment we emphasize the following objectives:
• Complying with all applicable legal requirements to which the Company subscribes which relates to its environment aspect.
• Preventing pollution at its source by minimizing emission effluents and waste in the designees operations and maintenance of the Company.
• Continually improving through negating the negative impact of its activities, product and services.
• Reviewing the environment objectives and targets as decided by the Company.
The Company is committed to manufacture product of pre-eminent quality that satisfy customers’ needs consistently by way of strict conformance to specification, up gradation of technology, on-time delivery and reviewing of the existing system to achieve continual improvement of the Quality management system
The Company is committed to create an environment that can assure zero defect, zero breakdown, zero accidents, zero losses and total customer satisfaction by supplying products of high quality consistently and total employee participation through total employee ownership concept.
For their safe future and for the development of the company, it is the prime responsibility of all employees to adopt the policy of safety by heart & soul & fulfill the following responsibilities:-
• Establishing a safe and healthy work environment.
• Ensure compliance with mandatory Safety.
• Ensure orderly house keeping and proper maintenance to control the risk of damage to plant and equipments.
• Insisting of safe work procedures being followed by employees and visitors.
The company follows the policy of 5 S as follows:
• SEIRI - Segregation.
• SECTION – Reorganise or Rearrange.
• SEISO – Cleanliness.
• SHIKETSU- Maintenance and Standard.
• SHITSUKU- Self Discipline.
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