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LIMS (LEARN, INHERIT & MAXIMIZE - SKILLS) – The Company has adopted LIMS as an in-house learning and development initiative which makes every effort to enrich human resource with knowledge and skills. The objective of LIMS is to motivate and provide resources to our company to keep them abreast of emerging industry and technology trends.
Potential is recognized and opportunities for further learning are provided. We regularly conduct Functional, Technical and Development programs to ensure that employees are well equipped to perform their current and potential role(s) at all times. Our training programs, every year galvanize a large number of fresh graduates into seasoned professionals. We not only groom our technical talents but also bring out the leadership among our employees.
1. INDUCTION TRAINING PROGRAMMES - The new employees are given training regarding the specific tasks to which they have assigned until they are allowed to work independently. They are evaluated continuously throughout their training programs. HR department monitors all the new employees and evaluates their performance. This training makes the employees more productive and more useful to the organization.
2. Enrichment programms
Enrichment Programs are regular from Office Assistant to Executive level, all members are put through a Corporate Grooming program wherein they are trained in Office Etiquettes, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management skills, Corporate Dressing and Stress Management.
Competency Development programs are targeted at building and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.
• Skills training

The employees are trained in such a way that their existing skills are improved and they handle the situation and the machinery more efficiently. This training is provided to both the new and existing employees.

• Refresher training

The employees are trained about the new technologies that have emerged in the recent time. The company organises special training programs once in 3 months to update the employee’s knowledge and help them to face the future challenges.

• Cross-functional training
It involves the training employees to perform operations in area other than their assigned job. This is done to improve the efficiency of the workers in different departments and also to follow flexible scheduling.

Training assessment :
All the training programs provided to the employees of the company are assessed continually. HR department plays a major role in organizing these programs and makes sure that the objective of the training program is attained.
The need for the training program is determined depending on the productivity and objectives of the company, company’s performance, the skills required for performing a particular tasks and the individual’s ability to do the assigned job. The training program given to the employees at JMT is 8 hours per year and the type of training depends on the analysis using the skill matrices.

3. Soft Skills Training is an important part of Management Training as it has a significant impact on Personality Development. The Soft Skills Training focuses on elements of Training and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking.
Our Training Material covers a range of topics, namely:
1. Communication Skills
2. Team Building
3. Time Management
4. Stress Management
5. Personal Effectiveness
6. Problem Solving
7. Conflict Resolution
4.Technical Training programs - Technology is our backbone and strength. In pursuit of excellence, we constantly ensure that the employee keeps themselves abreast of the emerging industry and technology trends.
On a routine basis, we conduct a series of technical programs QMS,7 QC Tools, PPAP/FMEA, Process Validation, Quality system requirements in the Company,IQA,Material handling, Control Plan, Drawing, Knowledge of gauge & instrument and basic knowledge of maintenance, for our employees at the junior and senior levels. We partner with skilled third party training agencies for conducting our in-house technical training programs. Members are routinely deputed to external Technical Seminars, Trainings and Conferences.
Executive Training
The Executive Training Program conducted by JMT encompasses integral elements like Leadership Training, Presentation Skills Training, Stress Management Training & Time Management Training. The Corporate training is aimed at managers who normally operate at a senior or executive level, as they are often required to be ‘Big Picture’ thinkers on a regular basis.
Managerial Training:
Our Managerial Training Program aims to equip managers on the following aspects that are essential to their role:
• Business Email Writing
• Motivational Training
• Stress Management Training
• Presentation Skills Training
• Problem Solving Training
• Time Management Training
• Conflict Resolution Training
• Communication Skills Training
• Team Building Training
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