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JMT Auto Limited is one of the largest Auto component manufacturers in the Eastern region and has significant expertise in the auto sector with proven capabilities in Heat treatment & gear manufacturing besides a variety of components for Oil and Gas industry. Established in 1987, the company has the competitive edge based on latest CNC Technology, our core competence being high precision Gears and Shafts. We have Eight state- of- the- art facilities in India which include fully automated machining lines, design & engineering capability.
In the recent years, the company has seen rapid growth owing to our quality, our innovation & application of lean Manufacturing principles enabling us to penetrate other industries & forge global alliances & agreements while continually upgrading our technologies. Our accredited Heat treatment shop has won many accolades as being amongst one of the best in the world.
JMT manufactures over 2000 different components which range from Engine components, Gears, Shafts, Pins, Bushes, Idler Bearings, Carrier Housing, Gear Rings, Axles, Synchro Cones, Carriers, Gear Box Assemblies, Seal wear rings, Oil Pump Cover ,Drums Sleeves, Carrier Assemblies, Pipe Assemblies, Flywheel Assemblies, Sear Wear ring, Cone And Cup(Heat Treatment),Bushes, Oil Pump Gear, Seat Valve, Lever Rocker Assembly, Steering Spindle, Assemblies, Engine Gears, Spindles, Drums for light, Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Tractors and Diesel Engines.
In 2013, controlling shares were acquired by Amtek Auto Limited thus bringing JMT under the Amtek Group's umbrella. Amtek is a leading multinational integrated auto component manufacturer with world class facilities across the globe.
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